en Harbour, Misceláneos

Editor de código SynWrite

Fully customizable syntax highlighting for many languages (see list)

Code folding
Supports almost all encoding systems (ASCII, Unicode, etc.)
Multiple-caret editing (see animation)
Multiple selections (see animation)

  • Tree view for source code
  • File manager
  • Project management
  • FTP/SFTP client
  • Document mini-map
  • Clipboard history
  • External tools output
  • Search results
  • Text clips
  • Tabs list

Coding helpers:

  • Auto-completion (for few lexers, see help topic)
  • Auto-closing of tags/brackets
  • Code templates
  • SmartTagTabbing feature (see animation)
  • SyncEditing feature to edit identical identifiers (see animation)
  • Emmet (Zen Coding) support (HTML + CSS + XSL high speed coding engine)
  • Color preview
  • Color picker
  • Image preview
  • Insert image tags
  • Insert date/time stamps
  • Portable bookmarks
  • Column markers
  • Micro-map

Search and replace with regular expressions
Search and replace in multiple files
Use external tools (capture console output, navigation to error lines)
Use Python-based plugins
Use binary plugins (e.g. Explorer panel and FTP client are plugins)
Regex-based strings extraction
Customizable hotkeys
Key macros
Spell checker
File sessions
Plugin for “Total Commander” file manager
Multilingual interface: German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
Integrated HTML Tidy library
Export to RTF/HTML with syntax highlighting
Portable mode